About Reservations

About Reservations

How to Cancel a Reservation

Penalty for breaking contract

Date of contract termination notice No-show Day of Day before 3 days prior 10 days prior
Number of people on contract For individuals maximum 6 people 100% 80% 50% 20% 0%
For organizations 6 or more people 100% 100% 80% 50% 10%

(Note:) The general penalty for cancellations is 1% of the originally agreed-upon fee.
If you shorten the period of your contract, you will be charged a one day penalty (for the first day) regardless.
※You may take back any alterations to your contract by 12:00 midnight 3 days prior. In the case that you miss this deadline, please contact the hotel by telephone.

Personal Information Policy

Personal Information Policy

We adhere to the laws and regulations related to the protection and handling of personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

How the Company Handles Personal Information

  1. Hotel management obtains your personal information at the time of booking in order to process your accommodations.
  2. The personal and professional information the hotel obtains includes your name, gender, age, address, telephone number, e-mail address, type of work, and other information that will help us to improve our services for you.
Intended Use of Personal Information
  1. For the fulfillment of customer accommodation as well as the resolution of post-transaction issues as necessary.
  2. For market analysis with the intention of improving our customer service and guarantee your satisfaction.
  3. For ensuring that your needs are met by the various branches of our management.
  4. For attending to customer needs and providing direction to the customer as needed.
  5. For purposes relevant to the preceding items.
Regarding the Dissemination of Personal Information to Third Parties

The personal information in the possession of our company will be provided to third parties as necessary for the following purposes. We will suspend the dissemination of information to third parties at the request of the customer.

  1. In the case that the customer has a reservation at any of the hotel’s partner facilities (including restaurants), information may be shared amongst the various facilities’ management staffs.
  2. For if the need should arise for us to contact you by post, or for our system maintenance.
  3. For if police or court authorities need to detain a customer.
  4. For if such authorities should need to question a customer.
  5. For if the need arises for emergency evacuation or self-protection, as determined by the hotel.
  6. If necessary for the protection of human life, health, or property.
Protection of Personal Information
  1. We regularly educate our employees about the protection of personal information, and we strictly manage customers’ personal information.
  2. We take appropriate security measures regarding the information held in the company database.
Outsourcing of Personal Information

When outsourcing information as required to fulfill the contract, measures for appropriate management and supervision will be taken.

Privacy Policy

THE HOTEL KIYOMIZU GOSHONISHI recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. For this purpose, regular audits and thorough education exist to ensure that we continue to merit our customers’ confidence.

For further information, please see our Personal Information Policy

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